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Delivering a perfect Vacation Rental software


All over the world, vacation rental solutions and real-estate agents have been moving a digital book keeping to simplify the process of booking and managing rental homes. Sites like AirBnB, VRBO have paved the way for new age book keeping and renting of such properties. With vacation rentals looking out for their own breakaway vacation rental software, the need for a comprehensive vacation rental software is now greater than ever.

WAIOZ identified this upsurge in a need for an effective vacation rental software and have come up with a perfect rental management platform called Dwell. Dwell goes one step further from your conventional airbnb clone model. We have carefully cherry picked some of the best features from various vacation rental software, curated with our own use case system to create a utopian rental management solution.

Dwell couples new age design concepts that are fresh and user friendly with an effective and scalable functionality that would pave way to your own perfect rental management solution.

What is Dwell?

Bringing the host, the guest and the agent - all under one digital roof.

Dwell covers the a complete guest user experience, right from scheduling a tour to previewing and wishlisting properties. With in app interactions between members, it also allows the guests to leave a detailed post trip review for each property.

Dwell allows the host to take complete control over their listed properties, right from managing room arrangements to the availability of the property. Offers booking lookups and set up agent restrictions and permissions for their properties.

Based on the permissions granted agents can modify listings, control the availability and pricing of the property or just be restricted to take in booking and guest interaction. Allows agents to manage multiple properties of different hosts at once.

Curated Search Results

Analysing the market needs on how the design page of a rental management script should look like was developed. Encompassing a few standalone features like:

Search Filters

Search results can be refined further upon application of filters based on check-in and check-out days, number of guests as opposed to max occupancy of the listing, home type, property type, amenities, and pricing range per night.

Map View Toggle

A toggle on/off switch to enable map view in the search page to get a populated idea of the listing location on the map of the searched destination.

Customised Homepage Entities

Manage Favourite Listings

As an admin, you get the control over which listings go in as the favourite listings in the home page.

Manage Featured Listings

As an admin, you get the control over which listings go in as the featured listings in the home page.

Manage Home cities

As an admin, you get to choose the cities that show up in the explore top cities section in the home page.

Host Control

Instant/ Request to book

As a host you get to control how your guests can confirm their bookings. A request to book type booking empowers the hosts to seek out an approval to confirm the booking. This type gives the host a chance to review the guest and act accordingly.

Instant booking is a booking that doesn’t require a host confirmation. As soon as the payment is done, the booking is confirmed.

Calendar and Pricing control

As a host you get to block and unblock certain dates on the calendar and can alter the pricing on particular dates.

Picture Upload

Dwell packs up a unique picture upload that no other airbnb clone website has. The pictures are classified and are grouped based on pictures of kitchen, living room, dining area, bedroom etc.

The picture type categories are made manageable and scalable via the admin panel.

Post Booking Control

Reviews and Ratings

A feedback section for users and hosts to review each other and rate based on star rating so that other users can benefit from the setup.

Payment Portal

Dwell is compatible with most payment portals across the world. As a default the MVP airbnb clone portal has Stripe integrated with the system. As a package, Dwell comes with one payment gateway setup of client’s choice with the application.

Reservations and Bookings

For both guests and the hosts, you have a section where you can see the details of your past and upcoming reservations and trip details.

Instant Messages

Dwell has a facebook like chat system that passes on messages instantly, with new message notifications and sounds.

Social Assistance

Social Logins

To login as user, dwell supports the login and registration into the system via social media sites like facebook, twitter and google.

SEO friendly URLs

Dwell has given utmost importance in having the entire portal as SEO friendly as possible. Right from the URLs to the image compressions and tags, dwell is built to enable it rank higher in the search engines.

Infographic Detail page

Verified Users

Users who have verified their credibility by verifying themselves on facebook, phone number verification and email verification are stamped with a red tick to ensue the users are legit and make them standout.

Lists from a verified users will have a stamp called verified listing.

Amenities Icons Managements

The icons and pictograms of the amenities are manageable from the admin end. You can alter the amenities and the associated images from the admin panel.

Sleeping Arrangement

Sleeping arrangement are set based on the beds in each bedroom within a property.

Availability calendar

The detail page of a property has a section which shows up 3 months of days, within which the availability of days and blocked days of the property is shown.


If a user likes a property within the system, A user can add the property to the wishlist of that particular user, who can access the listing without the hassle of misplacing the URL and details of the listing.

airbnb clone

Identifying the business demands of rental management software

WAIOZ always deploys a structured system to develop a product, and dwell was no different. With a vision to make it a standout product in the market, careful strategy was not just deployed over the design of the airbnb clone but also in the tech stack used.

With a demand for an effective airbnb clone model that is scalable, maintainable and facile growing, WAIOZ identified some key pointers needed to cater that very need.

With a careful consideration to mobile UI, not just with the native applications for android and iOS, but also ensuring that the responsive website acts as a PWA to ensure seamless usability.

Bridging the market gaps with Dwell

Achieving the market gap meant a proper study of the current market trend and strategising the airbnb clone product to full effect.

Going through various successful rental management portals like airbnb, vrbo, booking.com etc. we cherry picked on some unique features in each portal and amalgamated them to get a staggering airbnb clone product.

With analysis into what the market lacks and the demands of users, we came up with standalone features like agent integration, full view calendar and few others.

airbnb clone script


Here is why Dwell is better than every
other airbnb clone


Here’s a list of our iOS development solutions:

  • Swift. Swift was preferred over Objective-C for its modern architecture and simpler code structure to ensure effectiveness.

  • Alamofire. Alamofire seamlessly integrates with Swift by increasing network calling efficiency by harnessing NSURL sessions.

  • XMPP. XMPP offers a robust instant chat and update platform. Ensures that the updates are delivered effectively from server to clients and vice versa.

  • Spring and Lottie. Effective and pleasant animations are incorporated to ensure interactiveness of the app without compromising the UI and UX.

  • FCM. FCM is chosen over the likes of parse and pusher over its efficiency in delivering notifications.

  • Crashlytics. This is used to deliver crash reports to the admin and easing in performing real time QA.

  • Realm and CoreData. Dwell apps use local storage using Realm to improve browsing experience and database handling of the application.

  • Adobe XD and photoshop and Zeplin to collaborate designers and developers of the framework.

  • Android

    Here’s a list of our development solutions for Android platform:

  • Native Java. Applications are developed using Native Java to deliver applications that are customizable, effective and robust.

  • Retrofit. Network and API calls are called through Retrofit which offers a more efficient system than its alternatives.

  • XMPP. XMPP is used for quick, effective and efficient communication set up between client and server platforms.

  • Lottie. 2D and 3D rendering of vector graphics to improve the user experience is done using Lottie and OpenGL.

  • FCM. Firebase Cloud Messaging is a free portal that can be used as an effective push notification system tool.

  • Crashlytics. Crashlytics is used to deliver crash reports to the admin to ensure the fixes are responded quickly to increase user retentivity.

  • Realm. Realm is incorporated to ensure data gets stored locally in the mobile to improve the speed of the application.

  • Zeplin. Zeplin is used to integrate the developers and the designers in the same platform to create an effective development environment.

  • Web

    Here’s a list of our web development solutions:

  • MEAN. Backend language of NodeJS is combined with the new Angular 6 platform to ensure complete user experience of the framework.

  • MongoDB. MongoDB is used to handle larger data pool and to improve speed in processing the data tables.

  • HTTPClient. HTTPClient is preferred as it offers various testability features and streamlined error handling functions.

  • MDB. Material designs are incorporated along with bootstrap tools to ensure the designs are of current trends and is mobile compatible.

  • Backend

    Most of boardroom meeting before we started developing the framework involved in choosing the right stack to make this the most efficient system. Weighing up options between NodeJS and Python, React or Angular, Mongo or mySQL. Carefully having accessed the pros and cons of each stack, we came to decision in incorporating MEAN as our go to for this particular framework.

    Structuring the backend was equally an important boardroom discussion. The schema of the backend is shown below to show the efficiency of the structure thus formed for the framework.

  • Apache

  • Amazon

  • Twilio


  • MongoDB

  • SMTP

  • Visual Studio

  • Verticals of the framework