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About Jiffy

Product Goal

This framework was developed by keeping in mind of the rising need to simplify the booking and offering of various jobs by users and service providers. The service marketplace script is built by keeping the ease in using for users, service providers, agents, businesses and administrator alike.

Application overview

The service marketplace script comes with a mobile solution for a user, a mobile solution for a service provider, a common web front end for user and service providers, and an administrator dashboard to manage all of the above.



The user application will enable users to book a provider who complies with the service requirement. The UI and the UX is customizable as per personal preferences, from a single page detail fillers to multi page detail fillers. Payment support systems are inbuilt to support the clients with any gateway preference.

Service Booking section

Payment system for the service

Tracking of the provider

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While the service providers will regulate their domains and their time of availability to their comfort. Destination direction system is equipped to redirect to the map application of choice. Preferences to receive payments onto wallet for services are also a feature in built with the framework.

Services Provided Section

Availability controller.

Admin Controller

As an admin, one can control and oversee the services provided, set the admin fee and control the users and their bookings. Generate and manage reports and invoices to simplify business management.


A well analysed boardroom discussion with chief developers, we came up with basic essentials of the framework. An effective access system for users to login in into the system, a sound category management system and secure payment management system. Giving at most priority to the above three each subsystem is designed around it to the best effect.

Customer App

The customers register into the framework using a secure login page with social login options of choice. The choices of services and their categories are displayed for the user choose from. A service description page is shown next with details of the requested services is all filled up in a single page. The service request is sent to the provider and is in turn redirected to payment page when accepted by the service provider.

Bookings are managed in a separate page, both past and upcoming bookings. Rating and review submission set up for post service feedback. Base configuration done to enable live tracking feature and conversation feature between user and provider.

Service Provider App

Upon registering, a provider chooses a service or services to offer to the customers. When a profile gets approved, the provider has complete control over the availability of their service. All the service request lands on the home page for the provider to either accept or reject the request.

Bookings are managed in a separate page, both past and upcoming bookings. Rating and review submission set up for post service feedback. The payout settings is provided by the provider to input the way a service provider will receive the money from admin onto their account.


Verticals of the framework