Is It a Good Idea to Build an Uber for Cleaners?


Is It a Good Idea to Build an Uber for Cleaners?


Aug 08, 2022

Digitalization has attracted more companies and startups to take the brand online. Uber for cleaners is the easiest and the smartest way to reach more customers. It highly helps the customers to keep engaged and bring in more business.

It is an undeniable fact that today every business needs a web-based application and also app to engage with their customers and alleviate their business to the next level. 

Spending some extra bucks to make themselves a brand digitally helps both the customers and the business. In this fast-paced world, people prefer to do everything at their fingertips. So it is high time for businesses to create an app for cleaners. On-demand services like cleaning have a wide reach amongst the people for various reasons.  

Types of cleaning services

People around the globe are in need of many types of cleaning services. From cleaning their houses to cleaning big factories there is a huge demand. Based on the size and their need for service, cleaning is categorized into 3 types.

Household cleaning

This is the prime service that every cleaning business can provide and indeed every household is also in need of this business.  In this type of cleaning, services like cleaning the floor, cleaning furniture, tiles, toilets, and rooms can be provided. This is the basic type of cleaning and it requires a separate professional team to focus only on residential cleaning.

Commercial cleaning

This is a type of cleaning service which involves cleaning the banks, malls, theaters, hospitals, gyms, schools, colleges, and any other public areas. It requires heavy cleaning. It requires to be cleaned very often thus in turn it could generate more money for your business.  Cleaning the floors, rugs, tiles, bathrooms, furniture, glasses and any other surface is the prime concern of commercial cleaning.

 Debris cleaning

This type of cleaning is preferred by the real estate business. All they need is to declutter the constructional debris and make the saleable area look clean and neat. This is the mandatory step for every real estate organization. Decluttering the debris requires heavy work with some equipment. One added advantage is that providing this service would fetch you a huge sum of money.

Required features in uber for cleaners

If you're planning to build your own on-demand app for cleaners then all these features should be included.


This is a must feature in every on-demand app. This feature allows the user to book and schedule the desirable timings.

Multiple payment channels:

Allowing the user to pay in any convenient option would make them use the platform very often and it also allows them to recommend your service to their friends and relatives.

Feedback and Rating:

Allowing the user to provide feedback and rate your service gives them satisfaction and allowing them to get in touch with you through messages would eventually gain the trust of the customers.

Immediate service:

Providing an immediate cleaning service will make your on-demand uber for cleaners move an extra inch in the business.  This feature would draw more customers.

With these features, one can invest or build on-demand uber for cleaners. If you are planning to start, then definitely WAIOZ would be an ideal solution for all your demands and needs. We are just one step away from you.