How much would it cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone?


How much would it cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone?


Feb 24, 2022

The cost to develop a TaskRabbit clone is determined by many factors. The cost to develop taskrabbit clone is influenced by many factors.

In today’s modern world everyone is busy and hooked up in their life. Everyone wants an easy way to perform their regular task. Making everything easy and providing a solution to the hassle at our fingertips is the absolute need of the hour.

Apps like TaskRabbit clone come to our rescue. This app makes our household tasks much easy and safe. It helps us to hire a person who would complete the work.


What is TaskRabbit?

Taskrabbit is an online connecting hub that helps people with many tasks such as cleaning, gardening, taking care of animals, cleaning the carpets, plumbing.

It helps the people with outsourcing their jobs and services to the people who are in need of that service. It is an easy way to make the people find the job and also a solution to the problem. One can make easy money out of it. Recent research had revealed that in the past 10 years, people had saved plenty of time in hiring taskers through TaskRabbit.  

Background Run on TaskRabbit

This is an advanced app that was built in 2008. Leah Busqu developed this app when she faced difficulties in spending so much of her time finding dog food. It struck the other users and gained huge popularity over years. It runs in many cities of America, the United Kingdom, and some parts of Canada. It stands out in this technological era as it helps people with a solution to their demands.

How does a TaskRabbit work?

TaskRabbit comes in segments such as task posters and task doers

Task Posters

Task Posters generally post their job on this app. It helps them to get connected with the qualified professional who would love to help them.


Taskdoers are the ones who would provide their services to the needers. Anyone who is skilled at the particular job can register on it. The app conducts a quiz on your ability related to the job and at times it also conducts an interview. Taskers based on your performance can take you in for their job or may not recruit you for it. It is their absolute choice. 

How much does one earn

On average, In the United States, one would earn around $35 per hour and in the United Kingdom, The doers can earn around $21 per hour.

Others Apps similar to TaskRabbit

Ø Fiverr

Ø Zaarly

Ø Gigwalk

Ø Needto.com

Ø Porch

Questions Related to cost needed to develop TaskRabbit Clone

 1.Can one make an app like Task rabbit?

Yes, You can get in touch with any app development firm and explain and discuss the needs and tech stack. To make your job simple, we at waioz can build an app similar to TaskRabbit at a reasonable price.

2.  What factors to consider to estimate the cost of the TaskRabbit app?

 The total cost needed to develop an app like TaskRabbit     clone is based on the following factors

Ø The tech stack,

Ø The development platform,

Ø The featured set.

3.  How can you generate money with the Taskrabbit app?

You can easily make out the money that you invested in the development phase by charging the processing fee for each carried-out task.

4.  Let us know the cost needed to develop a TaskRabbit app?

To develop an app like TaskRabbit would take around $15,000 to $ 30,000. It also depends on the Operating System. It also depends on the design and other features that you would like to incorporate to develop it.

5.  Can this app bring you a favor?

One can easily make money with TaskRabbit. The good part is that you can also generate a good amount through TaskRabbit even if you are a startup.