Events Booking Portal - Key Pointers


Events Booking Portal - Key Pointers


Nov 12, 2020

Entrepreneurs struggle in choosing the right event booking software out of so many options available in the market for their event management business. The right software can let you efficiently oversee the event management business.

COVID compliance has created a huge impact in event space rental and the way they operate business. With venues becoming scarce and the demand on the rise, it becomes all the more difficult for users to find the right space to organize their events. This however, has created a large segmentation of business opportunities in terms of online space rentals for events and event management companies. 

This article will help you identify specific pointers that you have to look before you get on with developing your online space rental management application. 

Look for these in a Space Rental Management Script

1. Customizability

Customizability of any application script is what drives the success of any script. The base MVP has to be malleable to achieve the desired result of the application. The changes shouldn’t be complicated to reflect and should be logically sound. Each business model is unique. 

Pricing calculation or aggregator service fee model can be different between two applications. As an MVP, the more flexible the product is, the better value the product offers. It can enable companies to save up time and not complicate the code and documentation the product offers. 

Adding new feature to the product should also be possible without too much hassle. Adding new functions shouldn’t trigger new errors in the existing portal. A proper structured and documented setup of the MVP is very important to negate such issue and avoid errors and save on QA time. 

2. Security Concerns

There is a constant fear of security breach in terms of account breach, or information theft or online transaction security. The event space rental platform should have functions and QA tests approved setup to shield from such breaches. 

The information saved should be DSGVO approved and encrypted so that this information isn’t used by other for other reasons. 

The payment transactions are to be maintained via a secure payment transaction system. The stored cards and account details should also abide compliance by using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

3. Are the Basic Features Well Structured

The basic features that define any rental management system should be effective in the framework you are looking at. The search function along with the filter management has to be wholesome and funnels down to accurate results that people search for. 

The listing part of the property should have the ability to manage the availability, the pricing and the property details along with the pictures that can represent the imagery of the rental space. 

4. Scalability

Certain readymade portals on rental management applications are very rigid and to scale them with further requirements and changes that will help grow your business further can be very difficult to do. The portal should house a set up for marketing strategy deployment, user engagement modules and building ability of suggestion modules based on previous searches and bookings. 

The system should also be capable of handling large data pool of users and shouldn’t compromise on the user experience with data overload and API calls should be very frugal. 

Dwell- Your Perfect Space Rental Management Script

Dwell was developed, strategized and built by considering all these features that mark a base for a good space rental management website. The marketable aspect of the application was given a careful consideration. To know more details on how dwell can serve as a base model for your space rental application contact us.