Features of Dwell - Go one step beyond your traditional Property Management system


Features of Dwell - Go one step beyond your traditional Property Management system


Jun 03, 2020

Airbnb clone scripts have become the go to solution when it comes to property management system. A simplified interface that Airbnb offers has created a huge success along the rental property managements platform and ever since many other major vacation rental platforms have incorporated the style to suit their needs. Identifying this demand in the market, some IT solution providers started a trend of a readymade Airbnb Clone. 

What Exactly is an Airbnb Clone?

Airbnb Clone is an exact replica of Airbnb as vacation rental model. The script developers choose a particular stack and design the front-end that replicates from an Airbnb version, and tries to deliver the functionalities that work on airbnb. So essentially it is a full-scale replica of Airbnb. 

Airbnb Clone generally offer a section for hosts to list out the property in six stages, including adding pictures, modifying availability and altering the pricing, and a section for guests that will help them search, filter and book properties based on their requirements. An Admin portal is also within these clone scripts that help out admins of the website to manage the users and properties that affect the portal. 

How is Dwell any different?

When companies look for such script, usually they would like to establish their own brand of design that will help them standout. Airbnb clones traditionally follow the blood red tinge of Airbnb, along with designs that don’t differ at all from Airbnb. Buying out such scripts and working on design changes is almost the same as working on the project from scratch. Increasing the cost, timeline that barely brings out a uniqueness to your website.

Addressing this as one key pointer, Dwell from WAIOZ, took up the challenge of making our own vacation rental software by being inspired rather than replicating it. We analysed features of other prominent rental management platforms like VRBO, booking.com etc. to come up with a one of a kind readymade vacation rental software. 

How different are the features in Dwell when you compare it with Airbnb?

Before we started the development of our own “Airbnb Clone”, we looked into the market and did a study on what are major voids and drawbacks of your every other Airbnb clone. We incorporated a few featured that counters those very voids and marks additional value for money, when you buy this product off the shelf. 

Some of the features are listed below:

  • Instant Chat
  • Flexible Cancellation Policy
  • Multi-Listing Calendar
  • Agent Management
  • Dispute Management.

To get to know more about details on these functions you can definitely contact us by email. 

Apart from few apparent functions and features, Dwell also stands out from the rest of the Airbnb Clones as we have designed a logical field in place to ensure the speed of the search isn’t compromised. Dwell also went through a penetrative test that ensures security of the website against scammers and floggers that no airbnb clone in the market can be equipped off. 

A stack that stands out from the rest of the pack as well, with the use of GraphQL, Angular 7, NodeJS to ensure the product stands out from the other purchases that your competitors might have made. 

Ensure you are always ahead of your market by choosing Dwell over other Airbnb Clones. Contact WAIOZ for more such information.