Get your Boat Rental Portal Launched with Dwell - Airbnb Clone


Get your Boat Rental Portal Launched with Dwell - Airbnb Clone


Feb 26, 2020

Boat rental portal are always a good way to generate secondary income. Being aggregator between the service provider and the service user and taking up a commission for the usage is getting extremely popular amongst online businesses. Airbnb is one of those successful business models who have taken up the rental management set up to the next stage.

With this success, a broader perspective of rental management uses up on different service like car rentals, space rentals, and arena rentals etc. The series of such applications called as airbnb clones have swelled the market with such ideas and have delved into the market for boat rentals as well. 

Simple concepts of booking up boats and yachts on leisure vacations have slowly made way in the way people lead their lives. Right from office party, to family vacation, to swanky birthday parties people have started on to host them on yachts. 

Buying an own private yachts can be extremely expensive. Hence the concept of renting them out over day came into prominence. The means of hosting a boat with details of the boat, while renters rent them by filtering out the choices of their own is fulfilled via the airbnb clone web applications. 

Why start Airbnb clone for Boat Rentals?

Like said earlier, both parties garner a different experience, be it a romantic couple’s retreat of family gets away or spring break parties, boat vacations are very prominent. From fishing to swimming to adventure activities, they gave way to a lot of these. 

The boat rental management website that takes up as an airbnb clone, bridges the renters and boat owners in a portal, while the aggregator of the application enjoys a perennial stream of income by just connecting the two parties. 

Overview of Airbnb Clone for Boat Rentals

Dwell, WAIOZ’s airbnb clone offers more than your traditional airbnb clone. The design is unique in its own way. The features dwell offers are beyond the regular airbnb clones in the market. Apart from the uniqueness they also effectively work on the basic features that lay foundation to the rental management platform. 

Requesting a booking

Users who want to rent out the boats can book the boats either instantly or can request the owner of the boat to rent out the boat on special requirements.

Choosing the right boat

Finding out the right boat for the right kind of occasion can be tedious. The category of boats can be filtered out, the images of the boat and options available act as good filtering set up for the renters to choose the ideal boat. 

Interact with hosts

Interact with hosts to clarify on the queries that are related to the boat and get working on clarifying any doubts with regards to the party to be hosted. 

Location Filter

Find out boats from a particular location. The boat owners will set the location of the boat’s pier which will act as filter for the users. Based on the location provided users can filter out the choice of boats they are looking for. 

Review and Rating

Feedback system is very important in every rental management setup. Reviews and ratings provided by the system are a very important gauging setup for the rental services. 

The entirety of this setup is carefully assessed while designing and developing Dwell. Careful consideration of user experience, usability, functional aspects were all taken into consideration before dwell became a successful airbnb clone product. Contact WAIOZ for any clarification on how an airbnb clone can be deployed as a perfect boat rental application.