How To Generate Revenue With Airbnb Clone?


How To Generate Revenue With Airbnb Clone?


Mar 09, 2021

Starting a business on an online platform is feasible with the connected environment. As people on the network get services and products in a single tap on their handset. Acquiring services, products and knowledge has been more simpler in this connective society. Along with it, earning more bucks is also much easier without much investment. By just standing as a mediator, one can connect people who need the service and the people who offer the service. Tech giants like Airbnb, booking.com, Uber, Swiggy, TaskRabbit and much more join this lucrative business community.

Wanna be like them? 

Then, start a firm with technical support. Worried about being a non-techie person, don't worry!!

There are lots of business resources available on the online market. There are many clone softwares that help you in building your business instantly. The clone scripts are MVP solutions that replicate the similar core features of parent products to structure your dream venture. They are  market-fit products that can customise all your business ideas.

For example: If you wish to start business on online rental platform like Airbnb, then you can get an Airbnb clone to start business immediately. On a combination of Airbnb clone and business tactics, the business owners can get their return on investment. The Airbnb clone is a software alike Airbnb with core features and functionalities.

Working Flow Of Airbnb Clone :

The airbnb clone works around guests, hosts and admin. 

  • The guest gets registered to the system and book rooms for short term rentals.
  • The verified hosts share their unused space by listing it in the rental platform.
  • Admin of the system connects them for a processing fee.

How Can Business Owners Can Generate Revenue With Airbnb Clone?

Processing Fee :

To be interface on sharing a space for short term rentals. This is the main revenue for the admin.

Advertising Fee :

The host of the system will list their space on the rental platform, to boost the listings thadmin can get advertising fee.

Space Listing Membership :

The verified users connected to the network can join the membership, that limits the number of listings with much more facilities.

The airbnb clone is purely customisable that it can easily includes your business ideas and generate more revenue as above described features.