Is Jiffy your Perfect Uber for X Solution


Is Jiffy your Perfect Uber for X Solution


Oct 26, 2020

What is Uber for X?

Uber is one of the most successful and profitable apps there is in the world. Offering a simple solution to a problem that is quite mundane as taxi booking, it connects the drivers and the customers in a very effective way. In a few simple steps, you have a taxi of your choice arriving at your doorstep. The success of this module has prompted various taxi booking applications around the world that connects taxi drivers and customers. The likes of OLA, Lyft, Careem etc gaining success over the various regions of the world established the raging success of on-demand app booking services. 

This prompted the use of apps to book for various other services other than taxi’s on-demand. Essentially coining the term Uber for X, models cropped up across the world with taxi services substituted with the likes of laundry, waste collection, food delivery etc. 

The potential of such models

Uber for X based applications are already on the rise with over 500 startups worldwide directly associating with the term “Uber for X”. The services entail professions from handymen to doctors to lawyers with services ranging from flower delivery, tutors and laundry etc. Having made huge inroads in conventional models like food delivery, grocery delivery, and handyman services, the concept is now delving into professional services like lawyers, tutors, and doctors on demand. 

Each startup has its USP and a minute change in the business module that works best for a particular region, type and culture. However, most of these systems rely on the simplest function of booking and accepting the service requests that get passed on from one application to the other.

Perfecting Uberization 

Blatant replication of Uber in all the models wouldn’t work as effectively and as the case goes, many start-ups have failed to materialize and make big and scale to success.

Usually, these on-demand services have certain aspects that make your business model effective. Standardizing content is over the categories involved in the on-demand service application is one of the major detrimental factor in turning your app into a commercial success. 

Standardization: The content and the usability of the application should be uniform for all the categories the app serves for. For Instance, the users should have an hourly booking set up for one type while a monthly booking setup for another type. An app has to allow the users to focus on one kind of standard player and not have a mix of all wherein it beats the purpose of the app. 

Business Model: Having a solid business plan is very important in the way your app works. The pricing module is structured for each service from the backend in every Uber for X. The business model dictates if the app is going to have a monthly subscription model or an hourly pricing model with a base fare and a service commission fee for using the app. 

The Request Model: The app has to be designed in such a way that the delivery request is processed quickly and effectively. This depends a lot on the type of service provider the request is sent to. In the case of professional services, the credibility of the service provider becomes imperative and the app request should be addressed in an Up work model rather than the Uber model.

These few key strategies that one should look at before developing a startup that works as an Uber for X. Custom designing an Uber for X model that fits your vertical and your business model is very important in getting your app successful. This model has however started to trickle down to local vendors and service providers as well and as it seems in the market, it's just only a few years before everyone gets used to an Uber for X model for any service provider requirement. 

WAIOZ specializes in building such an on-demand service, Uber for X application. We provide consultation on how you should devise your business plan and how the app should be customized to best suit your application. Contact Us to have a free consultation on how to establish your application and turn it into a success.