Why are food delivery applications so successful?


Why are food delivery applications so successful?


Jan 11, 2019

The appeal with food delivery applications from restaurants have been on the rise due to its time saving and ability to ease up on decision making. Apart from the convenience of having the food delivered at your place of choice, delivery applications these days offer a bit more than that. They offer;

Convenience in deciding: The food delivery applications these days have a myriad of restaurants with various cuisines and choice of quantity as well. With filters ranging from cravings to food on offers to popular in that region, it helps the users to make their mind up quickly and to choose the kind of food they would like to have for their lunch. 

Deliverance: Food couriers have food from your favorite restaurants delivered to your location in the quickest time possible. With insulated bags, the delivery captains help keep the food hot and deliver it to you within 15-20 minutes. Apart from just having it delivered, they also offer services of tracking your food to accuracy, so that you can plan your other activities accordingly. 

Ordering Convenience: Food orders can be processed real quick using these applications. The UI of the mobile application isn’t tiresome with forms and long pages. You essentially get to the checkout page in under 3 pages. Saving frequent orders and delivery address and instructions also saves up time in ordering the food. 

Payment and Transactions: Payments are processed with ease and are very securely transferred to the restaurant of the delivery owners. You get a multiple payment options with your credit cards and debit cards or even your payment wallets. 

People in this day and age often prefer to eat at home with a takeaway than to actually dine in at a restaurant. It essentially reduces the pain of driving out in traffic, dressing up for the occasion and even tiring yourself out with other chores. On demand food delivery services goes one step further and saves up time in waiting in for the food to be prepared in the restaurant and manage your take away better. 

Some on demand services with food courier just deals with delivering the food independent of the restaurant, while some are tied up with restaurants and do carry food from the associated restaurants only. The businesses charge an agreed service fee to the restaurant in a per order commission, while they also charge the users with the delivery fee. 

This makes starting an on demand food delivery application a very profitable affair, not just based on the current scenario, but also with the fore castes scenario. As you can look for yourself in the below image, there continues to be a rising predicted trend in the usage of on demand food ordering application and the revenues associated with it.

WAIOZ offers a very effective and efficient and scalable on demand service application MVP, that can be tweaked to develop a very solid on demand food delivery application. You as a business owner or aspire can very well capitalize on the technical quality of the framework and penetrate into the increasing market revenue of on demand food delivery services. Contact us for more information on how you can build yourself a proper on demand application.