Why is it Important to Invest in Online Office Sharing Portal using Office Rental Script


Why is it Important to Invest in Online Office Sharing Portal using Office Rental Script


Jun 03, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is already having an impact on all of our lives, affecting our economy, mental state and to a huge extent employment. Businesses across the globe are expected to go through a crunch time post lockdown. A steep reduction in operation is expected when the world returns back to its streets. Although states and governments try and offer as much support as possible, employment across various organizations is expected to have a drop. With employers hoping to save on the operational costs, the first on the firing line would be the employees. 

An alternate and a more humanitarian solution would be cut operational costs by involving in coworking spaces, reducing cost on rents, sharing the office expenses and fixed cost expenses. A stark rise in coworking spaces and the need for an organized set up for searching coworking spaces will now be higher than ever. Which is why it is the apt time for business to look into online space rental services as an option to invest in. 

Coworking spaces are a new-age online business opportunity, which acts as a portal for space owners to list their office working space out for sharing. While the renters search for the ideal office space that best suits their requirements filters them out and fix on the one that they need. 

Ever since Airbnb became a successful property rental management portal, A lot of verticals have looked up to a similar module and have made things turn in their favor. Office rental script and space rental script across the globe have made use of such rental management modules and made a successful online office and space sharing portal. The success of websites like justvenue.com, instantoffices.com, etc. is a testament to how successful such businesses can become. 

How does an Airbnb clone act as an Office Space sharing portal?

The online portal will typically involve three types of users; A renter, A space owner, and the aggregator. The aggregator is the owner of the website who in most cases will draw a commission percentage for each booking. 

The owner's portal allows them to add the office information with details of the location, the vibe of the place, space size, desk capacity, images and the type of office as well. The information is collected in stages and steps that don’t make the owners feel like they are filling out a long drawn out forms that can get exhaustive. 

The renters can essentially search for their ideal property in a given location choice, with filters on all the governing points like office type, availability, amenities, etc. They also get to see the details of the workstation in a pictorial and representative structure that combines icons and information seamlessly to make the interaction easy to read and process. 

A payment portal and a seamless feedback portal for reviews are also in place to ensure the two involved parties have a genuine feel of a safe and secure environment when browsing into the system. 

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How to start an online office rental portal?

WAIOZ offers a readymade, off the shelf product that acts as an MVP rental management system. It goes one step beyond a standard Airbnb Clone, with features and designs carefully crafted from various other products that regulate the current trend in the rental management industry. 

Contact us to have a free consultation to know how you can make the best out of our product and create a portal that will help you get a market thrust and standout from the rest.