How do you Create a Garbage Disposal App from a Uber for Trash Application


How do you Create a Garbage Disposal App from a Uber for Trash Application


Apr 16, 2019

Managing waste products and having it transferred to skip or a recycling unit is a tedious task in itself. Managing domestic waste is much less of a chore than managing industrial waste products. Unlike domestic waste disposal units where a garbage truck is scheduled to pick the bins out, industrial waste has to be transferred to skip via self-organised waste disposal trucks. 

With business fields contributing to different types of waste units like food waste, recyclable waste, medical waste, non-biodegradable waste, companies require different approaches to manage these waste transportation. Different size of trucks, different equipment, different type of personal handlers are required to manage waste collection and disposal. 

With such intricacies in booking a service, companies are resorting to app based on demand waste disposal. To put that in simple terms, companies are looking for an “uber for trash”. More companies across the globe are resorting to this uber for trash set up and are challenging established bigger waste disposal companies that do the bookings traditionally via a phone call. 

This application facilitates users, in this case business owners who look to dispose waste products, to type in description, add images and choose category of waste which would help the waste disposal companies to send appropriate units with much accuracy. 

A waste disposal company named Rubicon, first resorted to on demand waste management application in 2012, garnering series of investments up to a $100 Million including high profile investors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Goldman Sachs etc. More companies are looking to replicate the success story of Rubicon in building and rivaling other waste management establishments. 

Connecting individual contractors of waste disposal management in particular regions, the application essentially connects business and these contractors within a particular city or a region range. With even countries and governments looking to invest in global recycling units and reducing greenhouse gases and plastics waste, Uber for trash looks like a huge business potential market and a market ripe for tapping to challenge the business giants.

If you are looking to start one such on demand waste disposal applications that connects individual contractors with companies, WAIOZ has a ready made on demand application framework, JIFFY, which can be a solid, scalable, effective application MVP to your uber for trash application.