Understanding the Impact of Taskrabbit Clone in Online Businesses


Understanding the Impact of Taskrabbit Clone in Online Businesses


Jun 17, 2020

The current online Businesses market is shaped by two major companies that laid the foundation to its success. One of them is Uber, who marked the revolution in taxi booking applications that changed the way transportation was looked at. The other being TaskRabbit, an on-demand service application, that paved way to book odd-jobs and blue collar jobs via a secure mobile application portal. The success of these two in the real world scenario, lead to a huge market for Uber for X application or what is called a TaskRabbit Clone. 

TaskRabbit Clone is a readymade script that covers both sides of an on-demand market place. Portals that connects both the service provider and the one who seeks the service. Most on demand applications like these are integrated with a mobile application for each portal, like in Uber. The services are quickly hitched and delivered as required by the service seeker. 

TaskRabbit Clones hit the market over a relatively new concept that is derived off “On Demand Service”. The applications work on a simple interface that facilitates instant service requests to be sent at the time of need. The other side of the marketplace, the service providers accept the work request and get on it in a safe and secure environment. It fundamentally brought about the idea of getting the work done in a single click. 

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Ever since the “one click” booking became extremely popular, the demand for TaskRabbit clones have been on the Rise. The need to have an Uber for X application got to point where IT industries started developing their own versions of ready made MVP for the same. 

Services that can get covered by Uber for X application. 

1. Uber for Laundry

Getting the laundry done is a huge errand for a lot of us. The pain of packing the cloths in a bag, taking it to the laundry store, get the tickets and bills, have them safe and then pick it all up when things get ready. The idea of having an on-demand laundry application has simplified the entire process where in the service provider, picks up the laundry at home, and you can even set the convenient time of pick up and drop. The payment is also made via safe and secure system to ensure all the records and bills are intact.  

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2. Uber for Food

Food delivery applications are another major industry where on demand service application have made a huge inroads. The concept of dining at the comfort of your home, with delivery executives picking up food from your favourite restaurant is just very welcoming. With functions like tracking where your food is, you ensure that the food gets delivered accurately and you eat hot food from the restaurant of your choice.  

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Apart from these you have the likes of Uber for Logistics, Uber for doctors and vets, Uber for dog walkers, gardeners etc. Even multi-job portals are covered by a quality TaskRabbit clone that combines the purpose of above individual apps in one single application. 

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