9 powerful ways to retain the customers in the ecommerce market place.


9 powerful ways to retain the customers in the ecommerce market place.


Jul 22, 2022

There is a huge revolution taking place in the shopping industry. People prefer to shop online rather than spend hours of their time in the malls. There is steady growth and increase in sales with the evolution of eCommerce marketplace

 Initially, only the big tycoons tried their hands at e-commerce but as days passed many online marketplaces sprouted up which paved the way for various strategies to get implemented.

Remarkably there are few strategies to retain the customers as they are always the king.

Let us dig further and take a look at the strategies 

Strategies to Retain the Customer

Understand your Customers

Identify the Potential Customers

Personalize the Customer experience

Cash back Offers

Coupons and Discounts

Promoting through various channels

Educate About the new products

Build a strong Relationship with the customers

Make your website stand out.

Understand Your Customers

     Understanding the customers and satisfying their needs is the prime phase of every business. The growth of a business is also determined based on the satisfaction of the customers. The desires of the customer make them purchase a new product.

The needs of the customer differ from person to person. For some, it may be a physical need and for others, it might be a psychological need. These needs, push the customers to buy their products.

To have a better understanding of the customers' needs it is good to focus on both physical and psychological needs. Maintaining a buyer's persona and gathering the little details about them like gender, age, location, products, incomes, and hobbies will clearly pave the way to figure out the needs of the customers.

Identify the Potential Customers

Not all the customers who look at your products would buy it. It is highly important for every organization to identify potential customers. Segregating the potential customers would generate more business and would help your brand to grow potentially. 

Classifying the customers based on their demographics, Behavioral and geographic needs helps the organization to understand the customers better. It is also equally important to identify the new customers and track their needs and build the product around their needs. Analyzing the competitors and researching the marketing strategies that the competitors implement will help us to retain the old customers and the new customers.

Personalize the customer experience

Whenever the customer uses the web portal or the app make sure that he purchases the product. Not all customers have the same preferences and choices. Personalizing the choices based on the customer's needs attracts more customers psychologically.

Based on the browsing history and their preferences, sorting out the product and sending them what they need, touches the heart of the customer. This personalization can be provided only if the database is maintained based on the desires of the customers.

Cash Back Offer

Customers need to be maintained. Cashback is often a reward provided to the customer based on the purchases which they have made. Humans have a strong tendency of getting something in return for every purchase they make. This serves as a basic foundation for marketing.

Cash back offers could be cheaper rather than providing rewards or any other goodies. Cash back offers would trigger customers to buy more and make the customers visit their platform very often.

Coupons and discounts

Coupons and discounts are the marketing gimmick provided by big companies to retain customers. Providing a coupon for one single purchase made with the customer and indirectly inducing the customers to buy another product is the motto behind every marketing.

Discounts attract customers to visit their platform very often. Spending some money on marketing and promoting the discounts and offers can potentially increase sales even in the non-festive season.

Promoting through various channels

Promoting the product on various channels helps the customers to view their products very often and indirectly tempts them to buy their products. Regular messages, emails, running campaigns, and various platforms draw the attention of the customers. The idea of promoting through various channels strengthens a bond between the product and the customers.

Educate about the new products

Not all the products that are listed in the marketplace are familiar to the customers. It becomes a duty of the brand to make the customer aware of the products. Creating short video clips about the products and the usage of these products would indirectly draw the attention of the customers.

Build a strong relationship with the customers

Building a strong relationship with the customer is the success mantra of every business. Let the customers provide feedback and let them rate the services. Providing alternative channels for the customers to reach you will make them easily stay in touch with you.

Make your website stand out.

 A Website or an app is the face of your brand. Create a simple, user-friendly yet powerful platform for the customers. Picking up the right fonts and the right colors makes the customer use the platform very often. An easy interface would make the brand reach every customer.

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 With these strategies retain the customers and increase sales effectively.