Why Settle for an Vacation Rental Software When you can do Better?


Why Settle for an Vacation Rental Software When you can do Better?


Sep 03, 2019

A common keyword for quick stop vacation rental software seekers has become airbnb clone. This has become the theme ever since airbnb exploded within the industry. Airbnb sure did change the industry’s perception of renting out places and hiring them out. 

Why did Airbnb get as successful as they are?

Airbnb provided one of the most simplistic user experiences that allows users to book or list spaces with utmost transparency. The booking process is done with ease with input of informations as minimal as possible. The hosts also get control of the entire property with full pricing structure control with longterm pricing options and specific pricing on certain days of choice. All of this makes the user experience with airbnb a pleasure. 

Apart from the conventional ease in booking and access of information, airbnb also caters various unique types of property options that entices the rustic dwellers. Listings for nature lodges and ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) have been growing quickly recently. Most travellers are gravitating to rustic and unique destinations. There are over 1,400 tree houses and nearly 3,000 castles listed on Airbnb. 

Following the success of Airbnb most conventional vacation rentals and realtors and property managing companies have been on the lookout for such vacation rental software. Hence the rise in trend for Airbnb clones. 

Although the need for such simple and effective model is evident, the airbnb clone products that exist in the market is pretty much a CC of airbnb right from design to skeleton. When you get clones, you are literally hosting a site that looks exactly like airbnb and got no uniqueness to it whatsoever. 

Apart from the design similarity, there is one other major issue with clones in general. They are not MVPs but are complete and rigid products sold off the shelves. Now the problem with that is with the product, you are going to be getting a lot more scrap code that your system might not need and are in place clogging up your process and system flow. 

Keeping this as one of the most important points, WAIOZ created a framework of rental management system that works a lot better than your typical airbnb clone. With it acting as just a MVP, every user gets a unique set catered development code that is only required in their model. Dwell houses a design template that differs a lot from every other airbnb clone that will make your product all the more elegant and unique. 

Contact us for a free demo of the MVP of our vacation rental software which can provide you the ideal start point for your rental management business.